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A corporate environment will include Exchange Server 2010 in two Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) sites.
You need to recommend a solution that provides a single connection point for all Outlook Web App (OWA) connections.
What should you recommend?
A. Configure a hardware load balancer for the Client Access servers.
B. Configure Autodiscover in each AD DS site for a common internal URL.
C. Deploy one Client Access server array for each AD DS site.
D. Deploy one Client Access server array.
Answer: A
Answers to the 10 most Common Questions on the Exchange CAS-Array.
During my stay at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans, I had to work the Exchange Server 2010 Flexibility and
Reliability booth. Although most questions were on the Exchange DAG, the second most popular discussion
was around the Client Access Server (CAS) and CAS-Arrays.
Hence, the 10 most predominant questions (and of course, the answers to them);
Q1. Is it true that there can be only 1 CAS Array?
A1. There can be only 1 CAS Array per Active Directory Site. The name of the CAS Array is stored as a
string on the AD-Site object. When you use the Powershell command New-ClientAccessArray you see that
you have to provide an AD-Site by means of the -Site parameter.
Q2. Can I create a CAS Array when I need it, or do I need to set it up in advance?
A2. No, you can create a CAS Array whenever you need it. But keep in mind that an Exchange Database is
'linked' to a certain CAS Server or CAS Array. If you do not create a CAS Array up front, and decide to
create one after Exchange databases have been created, you have to manually 'link' the existing database
to the CAS Array. (This can be done with the Powershell commandlet Set-MailboxDatase; Get-
MailboxDatase | Set-MailboxDatabase -RPCClientAccessServer 'cas-array.domain.local') Otherwise,
clients will keep using the first CAS Server rather then the CAS arrray for accessing the mailbox server.
Luckily, you can have a CAS array with only one server. Since best practice is to install the CAS Server
before creating an Exchange 2010 mailbox server, create the CAS right after creating the CAS server.
Q3. Is it true that there can be only 8 servers in a CAS Array?
A3. No. There can be any number of CAS servers in a CAS Array. But since many use Microsoft's Network
Load Balancing for load balancing client access to the servers, they are limited to 8 servers; it a limit
imposed by Microsoft Network Load Balancing, not by the CAS Array design).
Q4. Can I stretch a CAS Array over multiple IP-Subnets?
A4. Depends. There can be only one CAS Array per AD-Site. So if both IP Subnets are in a different AD-
Site, you cannot.
Q5. Do I need a Hardware Load Balancer in front of my CAS Array?
A5. Not necessarily. Depending on the clients you want to support (EAS, POP, IMAP, OWA, Outlook, RPC
over HTTPS) certain load balancing solutions are better suited then others. I have seen Microsoft Network
Load Balancing seen used with success, whilst others have problems with this 'free' solution. All different
protocols require different affinity implementations on the load balancer, some protocols support redirection,
some support proxying.
Q6.Do I need CAS arrays in my primary site and my DR site?
A6. Most probably yes. Although DAG's can span sites, you need to set up a CAS array in your primary
site and in your DR site.
Q7. If my DAG fails over to my DR site, will my clients still be able to connect?
A7. Most probably not. Remember; You will have a different CAS Array (with a different CAS Array name)
in the DR Site. Since the mailbox database is linked to a specific CAS Array, if the primary site fails, the
databases might be up and running in the DR site, but the clients will still try to access the CAS Array in the
failed site. So you need to change the RPCClientAccessServer on the mailbox databases that are now in
the DR site. If you set it to the name of the CAS Array in the DR site, client will now need to access the
database by means of the CAS Array name in the DR Site. This can be done by means of autodiscovery,
but if you have older Outlook clients, you have to change the outlook profile. Furthermore, take DNS into
account in such a scenario; start by lowering the TTL of the DNS records of the CAS Array's name so that
in case of a failure you can change DNS records fast. (That's also important for all other clients besides of
Q8. If I upgrade from Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 to Exchange Server 2010, can I replace the old
CAS servers or Front-Ends with Exchange 2010 CAS servers first?
A8. No. An Exchange Server 2010 CAS server will not serve mailboxes that are running on older versions
of Exchange. So if you still have mailboxes on let's say Exchange 2007 servers, you will need an Exchange
Server 2007 CAS server to service those clients. If you try to access the Exchange 2007 mailbox through
the Exchange 2010 CAS server, the server will redirect the client to the Exchange 2007 CAS (if the protocol
supports it). So in stead of replacing the 'old' CAS servers, install NEW CAS servers. This introduces some
extra complexity; since the new CAS server(s) or CAS array cannot have the same name as the old CAS
Server(s) or array, you need to introduce a new namespace or DNS name. And, because of that, you might
have to purchase new certificates. Yes, the CAS role is the most tricky role in the Exchange portfolio of
server roles...
Q9. How many CAS Servers do I need?
A9. Although this answer depends on a lot of important factors like server sizing, protocols used, client
profile, etc. there is a rule of thumb here; You will need approximately 3 CAS servers for each 4 mailbox
Q10. How many certificates (of what sort) do I need for my CAS Servers?
A10. It all depends. For one single CAS array you will obviously need at least one certificate; a certificate
that has the name of the CAS ARRAY. That certificate can be used on all servers in the CAS Array. If you
have let's say 2 CAS arrays in 2 sites, and each CAS array serves as a fallback for the other CAS array, it is
recommended that you purchase a SAN certificate with the names of both CAS arrays in it. Install that
certificate on all CAS servers in both arrays/sites. But there could be other scenario's that would require you to put more names on the SAN certificate. You can also use wildcard certificates, but make sure that all your clients support wild card certificates. For example, most older Windows Mobile devices will have problems with wildcard certificates. Always make sure that the root CA of the certificate is trusted by the device you use.




Box 1: All transactions are rolled back.
The first IF-statement, IF @CODE = 'C2323' AND @ApplicationID = 1, will be true, an error will be raised, the error will be caught in the CATCH block, and the only transaction that has been started will be rolled back.
Box 2: Only Log1, Log2, and Log3 tables are updated.
The second IF-statement, IF @Code = 'C2323', will be true, so the second transaction will be rolled back, but log1, log2, and log3 was updated before the second transaction.